Here are links to some of the things I love. Some I love so much, I have special discounts on them to share with you.  This is a space for my favorite, on-trend health and fitness products and services. I will continue to add to this list, and if you have something great to share, please do!

National Academy of Sports Medicine

OWYN Protein - Vegan protein powder and ready made shakes for on the go. Stands for Only What You Need , plant-based with superfood blend, fiber and low in sugar. The best is the chocolate! Use code BODYWELL20 for 20% off.

Normatec Recovery - Compression pump units to speed recovery time after intense workouts. $100 off retail price and free shipping!! Use code BODYWELL18.

Freeze Sleeve - Cold Compression therapy with no hassle, stays in place and great under NormaTec Boots!! Use code BODYWELL10 for 10% off!

Acumobility - Trigger Point Release balls and Foam Rollers, check out their instructional videos how to get the most out of the tools as well! Click here and use code BODYWELL10 for 15% off!

Everybody Fights Gym - Boxing gym on 41st in midtown. Variety of options including Train, Cardio, Bags, Road and even Flow classes. Mention my name for a free first class!

Chill Space - Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Float Tank. Use code TEC for 15% off!

Ion Performance Soak - An Epsom salt based soak that smells awesome and is great for recovery. Comes in Detox and Feet formulas.

Hyperice - Vyper vibrating foam roller and Hypersphere - Their products take self myofascial release to a new level.

Roll Recovery R8 Roller - Gets to areas a foam roller just can't, amazing for the calves.

Redd Superfood Energy Bars - The "meal bridge" with no soy and better for you ingredients.

FitVine Wine - If wine is a need, try this one for a healthier option!

InsideTracker - Bio-marker blood testing.

Trigger Point

Raw Revolution Organic Bars

Keep Healthy Low Glycemic Bars

Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks

Women's Health and Men's Health Magazines

Breaking Muscle

Renaissance Periodization  - science-based nutrition and diet programs that work! sign up on my contact page for a referral code to access templates.

Movement Resilience - prehab and mobility articles and advice