Here are links to some of the things I love. Some I love so much, I have special discounts on them to share with you.  This is a space for my favorite, on-trend health and fitness products and services. I will continue to add to this list, and if you have something great to share, please do!

National Academy of Sports Medicine

OWYN Protein - Vegan protein powder and ready made shakes for on the go. Stands for Only What You Need , plant-based with superfood blend, fiber and low in sugar. The best is the chocolate! Use code BODYWELL20 for 20% off.

Normatec Recovery - Compression pump units to speed recovery time after intense workouts.

Freeze Sleeve - Cold Compression therapy with no hassle, stays in place and great under NormaTec Boots!!

Acumobility - Trigger Point Release balls and Foam Rollers, check out their instructional videos how to get the most out of the tools as well!

Everybody Fights Gym - Boxing gym on 41st in midtown. Variety of options including Train, Cardio, Bags, Road and even Flow classes. Mention my name for a free first class!

Chill Space - Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Float Tank.

Ion Performance Soak - An Epsom salt based soak that smells awesome and is great for recovery. Comes in Detox and Feet formulas.

Hyperice - Vyper vibrating foam roller and Hypersphere - Their products take self myofascial release to a new level.

Roll Recovery R8 Roller - Gets to areas a foam roller just can't, amazing for the calves.

Redd Superfood Energy Bars - The "meal bridge" with no soy and better for you ingredients.

FitVine Wine - If wine is a need, try this one for a healthier option!

InsideTracker - Bio-marker blood testing.

Trigger Point

Raw Revolution Organic Bars

Keep Healthy Low Glycemic Bars

Kill Cliff Recovery Drinks

Women's Health and Men's Health Magazines

Breaking Muscle

Renaissance Periodization  - science-based nutrition and diet programs that work! sign up on my contact page for a referral code to access templates.

Movement Resilience - prehab and mobility articles and advice