Danielle has been my trainer for the past 3+ years and has transformed how I view/manage my fitness routine. She is a great motivator and knows how to challenge me but is always sensitive to injury so she ensures you have the right form. As I experience common aches and pains she always identifies the root and addresses those problem areas. She has a very extensive knowledge of stretches and rolling techniques which is super helpful. Her approach is very refreshing since every workout is different. My favorite part of her workouts is when we box since she keeps a good pace yet still teaches you proper techniques. This past spring I was training for a half marathon and needed to cross train so we worked together and she formulated a plan for me and got me stronger. It was amazing to have her as a trainer during this time since she gave many tips along the way and supported my pursuit to the half marathon.

Jose G., Goldman Sachs Asset Management and 10K finisher